Teddy’s Travelling Journal - Best Places to Visit with Your Dog in UK

This week we decided to write about our city breaks. My parents took me to amazing places and we stayed at these beautiful dog friendly hotels. Although they are a bit far from London, which is where we live, my parents made sure we stopped every hour so I could stretch my little legs and have some water. It also gave us the opportunity to see other places on the way. But that is a story for another time.


I really wanted to write the reviews myself but my parents didn’t allow me when they read my drafts. I still think mine was more interesting and more informative as I even wrote about to which plants to pee on and how to manipulate strangers to convince them to give you a treat… Well, at least they allowed me to write the introduction so here is the 5 dog-friendly Hotels we visited.


But before we start, if you want to visit any of these hotels, we would like to recommend you to let them know that you are going to visit with your dog as not all the rooms are dog friendly.


  1. De Vere Tortworth Court


A Victorian Gothic Country Mansion with lots of history and a huge garden for you and your furry friends to enjoy. This beautiful hotel is located between Gloucester and Bristol so you have the opportunity to visit both cities. There is also an arboretum housing more than 300 plants and tree specimens to explore with your dog.


Although the dogs are very much loved in De Vere unfortunately, they are not allowed in their restaurants and bars so we would recommend you to visit when the weather is nice so you can sit outside at their amazing garden and sip your cocktails and eat your food with your dogs.


The rooms are stylishly decorated. The staff is very friendly and the food at their restaurant was delicious. The cocktails from the bar was very good. This is a place we are looking forward to visit again. The only thing which we believe needs to be improved is the coffee so if you are a coffee fan like us, I would suggest to bring your own coffee.


They also have a spa area you can enjoy.


De Vere Tortworth Court

Wotton Under Edge, GL12 8HH

0145 426 3000

  1. The Plume of Feathers


A 16th- century pub with beautifully decorated rooms. Although it is very close to Newquay central this Inn is in the middle of the nature. This is an Inn where they thought about everything. Inside the Inn the bar part is decorated as any pub. However, they have a very nice restaurant with a glass ceiling and amazing rooms and a big garden. They even have chargers for electric cars in their parking lot so if you have an electric car there is no need to worry.


Although we had their basic room it was big and comfortable. Our room was looking more like a suite room as it had a little lounge area with two armchairs which led us to our bedroom and the toilet. The bed was very comfortable and I really have to say this: They have Netflix and Amazon Prime and on a rainy day it is just perfect as you can just rest and have your Champagne delivered to your room. They also have A/C in the rooms but it took us a while to figure it out so beware of the A/C and don’t fall asleep before you put the right temperature for yourself.


Also beware of the black cat. In the middle of the night when everyone is asleep and you are sitting in the garden sipping your drink, enjoying the quietness, it appears out of nowhere and each time it made me jump as it passed so quickly.


The staff was amazingly friendly and helpful. We were going to arrive after the kitchen was closed. But the staff made sure we had sandwiches ready when we arrived.  During our stay they even cooked for Teddy and he got lots of attention, too. We love dog friendly pubs !


We are definitely going to visit them again and this time stay longer.


Plume of Feathers

Mitchell, Cornwall, TR8 5AX

0187 251 0387


  1. The Master Builder’s at Buckler’s Hard


A hidden historic hotel with beautiful views over the Beaulieu River. We have witnessed people coming by their boat to stay at the hotel or even just to have dinner.


Please note dogs are not allowed into their main restaurant. However, you can choose to eat your meal in their garden or in what I call it the breakfast room.


Their garden is huge and the view is amazing. Definitely worth to visit. The staff was friendly and very good customer service I must say. The food was so delicious and there is also dog room service available.


The room we got was basic and we were told that the dogs are not allowed in the bed. We are lucky that our boy is short and is not very good at jumping.


The Master Builder’s at Buckler’s Hard

Buckler’s Hard Beaulieu Estate

Hampshire, SO42 7XB

0159 061 6253


  1. Hotel Du Vin Brighton


A Boutique Hotel nestled in the iconic cobbled alleyways of the Lanes with the perfect location, just 5 minutes away from the Pier. The only problem with this hotel is that it doesn’t have private parking for its guests and because of its location it is hard to find parking.

Our room was a basic room. Although it was a bit small, we were happy that we were able to book their last room which was very comfortable and we even had a minibar.


Our favourite part of the Hotel was the bar as it was beautifully decorated and the cocktails were amazing. Although the food was alright at the restaurant it didn’t impress us that much. Dogs are allowed in the restaurant and bar so we were very happy with that.

Their terrace is also very enjoyable on a sunny day.


Hotel Du Vin Brighton

2 Ship St, Brighton, BN1 1AD

0330 016 0390


  1. Hilton Hotel Bournemouth


A beautiful contemporary hotel in the centre of Bournemouth and a short walk away from the beach. Although it is a dog friendly hotel unfortunately the dogs are not allowed in their restaurant. However, there is a lounge area by the reception where you can enjoy your meal with your dog.

This time we have chosen a room with a balcony so Teddy would enjoy his stay more. He didn’t want to come inside and watched people walking on the street. Although the balconies were separated by blurred glass panels there was a tiny gap and he even could say hi to the fluffy staying in next room.

We also had the chance to try their Spa and it was very nice and relaxing.

Their restaurant was beautifully decorated. The food was good but the service was a bit slow. However, Teddy didn’t complain as he was still sleeping when we returned to our room. This was his first city break and he used all his energy by the beach running around, playing with children and dogs. Even at the end we had to carry him to the hotel.


 Hilton Hotel Bournemouth

Terrace Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5EL



PS: This weekend we are going to post our next blog story about Teddy`s Traveling Journal and it`s going to be about "Dog friendly restaurants and dog friendly bars to visit in London with your dog" 


With Love