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Care for animals!

A story about why we should be more kind to the world! She gave me more than she could ever imagine a life lesson and she will never be forgotten. She woke me up back to reality and showed me that we should show our love more and appreciate everything more. This blog is written in the memory of Mindi and she will always be in our hearts.

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Hello friends,  Recently the whole planet has been affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, and we made this week’s blog with the purpose of helping our readers and their furry friends passing this hard period of time a little bit easier. Here are some few tips about what you can do during the outbreak.

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PUG meeting

Today we took our lovely Teddy to Green Park in London, where we have Pugs meetings on the first Saturday of every month.Today we took our gift bags treats  and we handed over to all the pug owners. We love dogs and we want all of them to get the quality products as we wish to give it to our own boy. If you would like to meet the Co founder of this company Teddy we will be at this meetings every month. Peace everyone and if you enjoy our products tag us on Instagram #Craftypugworld or send us a message on Messenger. 

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